School Tutoring

Start Date  March 2004  
Project Summary The school tutoring project is designed for pupils from first to eighth grade, who are having learning difficulties and for those who desire higher educational performance. The project is taking place throughout the entire school year, following the curriculum accordingly.

During the project the children can take: Math tutoring, Romanian tutoring, English tutoring, French tutoring (including the elementary school) etc.

The main activity consists in clarifying the basic knowledge that are taught in classrooms (where the children learn). Another activity refers to practicing in order to develop the skills that were taught in theory, based on their age.

Purpose  To provide school tutoring for pupils between first and eighth grade, in order to:

– avoid school failure;

– obtain higher educational performance

  1. To provide school tutoring
  2. Counseling, assistance, psychological  and educational guidance (on demand);
  3. Increasing the parents’ involvement in school related issues;
Project Activities
  1. Educational Activities (school tutoring);
  2. Individual and group counseling activities  (on demand);
  3. Providing supplies (on demand);
  4. Educational and recreational activities;
  5. Other activities: „Parents’ school ”;
  6. School camps,  trips etc;
  Target group  The project is addressed to pupils from first to eighth who:

–        have learning difficulties and

–        those that are interested in higher educational performance ;

  • volunteering;
  • sponsorships, donations, 2%, etc;
  • contributions consisting in: supplies, stationery etc;
  • promoting the project in the community;
  • support in the restoration of the building and the courtyard.